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Come on in!


The 75 gallon aquarium is filled with cychlids. 
2 Jack Demsey's, 2 Green Terrors, a South African pike, one pink convict and a plecostumus.

The 29 gallon tank is populated with tetras, black mollies, a guaraumi, a silver dollar, an angel fish and a baby plecostumus.
**Recently put the Angel (to the right>>>) in with them wicked cychlids.   Was told she could survive with agressive fish, which almost became UNTRUE!   So now she's back with her ole buddies in this tank.

1/22/00:   UPDATE!
With the exception of the baby pleco and the angel fish, the rest of the tank has been wiped out.  Given away...!  Why?  To start with a new set of fish to be curious about.  :o)
New to this tank is a bella shark.  A clown loach (snail eater), 7 rasbora's and another baby plecostumus.  So far they seem to be gettin' along.

Went to the pet store with intentions of purchasing fish.  Whadda ya know.... now I have a new man in life and his name is Ulysses.  He's a sweetheart!!  Very, very mellow.... like me. *laff!*




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