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~ Dream Catcher ~

Just before my bed, upon my chest.. a gift from a friend, a dream catcher rests
Silver and webbed with rainbow strings.. it keeps them for me to remember my dreams

And in the morning, before the sun.. my eyes twitching and moving, are run with tears
I'm sad my friend has left..  now I am alone to a saddened bereft
Tired and slow I try to sleep.. gradually I drift from my lonely weep;
A dream has come, I'm with my friend.. she's happy and content,
she was meant to be at home with her family.. here is too far away you see

And now she's smiling now under rainbow strings
Stretched across deep blue, I'm wondering.. will I ever see her again?
The answer's in time and only then.. for now though, my dreams are for remembering

Times are for memories and listening
Friends come, and friends, they go away.. but if I don't see her another day
I have my Dream Catcher, I have my gift.. and in my dreams she never left


--C. Jason Ashley
June 26th, 1993 for Shawna


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