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This is the infamous Bubba.
Adopted him in January of this year.
He's a Maine Coon - cross black & taupe tabby.
A little over 3 years old; seems like he's going on 30 something.
... and then some.

Those who have never cared for, or who don't own felines seem to take a great liking to Bubba. 
Imagine this:  a Dine' Grandpa, medicine man, etc, etc.... who talks BABY TALK to a cat.
*LOL*  Ya gotta hear this great story about a cat that DAD & MOM once owned.
(...a continuation...)

I "GUESS" I was unborn or SOMETHING,
since I have no recollection of a cat that existed in our rez household.
It wasn't until recent that I've had this special 'cat-ship' with MY BUBBA.
I was raised with 5 generations of Pit Bulls.
Thanks to three wonderful brothers.

A cat was never mentioned.


If you've been over for a visit lately, you know what I mean.


.....This is Bubba.....





The 29 gallon is inhabited by smaller freshwater fish.  Also kept in it are live plants.  Right now it consists of Scissortail Rasborras, 2 Plecostumes', 1 Bella Shark and a Loach.  Planning to add fish in the very near future to add color & commotion.


This 75 gallon is NO LONGER for sale. 
Thank you Laura & John!





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