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Saw some info. on the cyber-highway for a Y2K Reunion for the
~*~ Class of 1990 ~*~
Window Rock Fighting Scouts!

I'd link you to it, but I'm sparing your time since it took me forever to reply to a post that REQUIRES you to register before leaving a message.  Anyway, until I hear from that person (jacki -s??) who put that page together, I'm leaving a guestbook here for W.R.H.S. students (alumni, past & present) ...and for anyone else.

Until then, this page will stay plain until suggestions start a rollin'.  I don't get home too often, so drop me a line with suggestions, pics, mascots.. etc. etc.,  on how to get this page goin'.

Take care fellow SCOUT~inians!


HEYYYY.... where's everyone at?!
What you all up to?
How many kids??


..... drop a line in the guestbook .....



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